How to Sell Your Software Solutions to the C-Suite

Sell Software to Chief Officers

EHSQ practitioners know the value they bring to an organization. Keeping workers safe, protecting the environment, and meeting customer requirements are elements at which every business wants to excel, so anything we can do to help achieve that should be met with open arms by leadership, right?

Well, not always.

When the Value of EHSQ Software Doesn’t Sell Itself

If there’s anything EHSQ practitioners know as much about as their own value, it’s the feeling of rejection when pitching digital solutions for compliance and EHSQ software to leadership. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the benefits of EHSQ should practically sell themselves, it’s not always easy to convince leadership that software is what the organization needs. Even fact-based arguments focusing on benefits like decreasing recall risk, giving leadership access to data, maintaining compliance, and improving audit preparation are not enough to loosen the purse strings for your proposal .

Perhaps the problem isn’t with your story to the C-suite; perhaps it’s with the way you tell it. For while the standard benefits like reducing cost of quality and maintaining compliance remain true, there are other impacts that might appeal more strongly to a leadership team that has its vision firmly fixed on surviving and thriving in turbulent times.

Insights to Help You Enhance Your Software Pitch

Great news! We have two new resources you can use to help you improve your software pitch to your leadership team. In Getting Buy-In: Selling your Software Management Solution Choice to the C-Suite , Bob Pudlock—President of Gulf Stream Search and publisher of Food Safety Insider—helps you identify the themes you need to highlight in your software pitch. When the time comes to prepare, you can use Bob’s A Practical Guide to Selling Software Solutions to the C-Suite to help you define the business impact, identify the growth potential and present a future state that the C-suite can identify with and understand. Each resource will teach you about the following:

  • How to personalize the impact of your solution and address the aspirations of your stakeholders.
  • How to understand your audience.
  • How to present a compelling argument that allows decision-makers to see a strong and stable future for the organization.

To learn more about best practices in selecting EHSQ software to help you achieve your EHSQ goals, check out the resources below:

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