Why are Only 30% of In-house IT Projects Successful?

EHSQ Software IT Projects

According to Peter Drucker, the renowned business author and educator: “Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” That’s not to say that courage alone is the answer—extensive research, forecasting and scenario planning all play a role in making business decisions. In fact, when it comes to purchasing software, especially EHSQ software, there is much to consider and much at stake.

The Buy vs. Build Debate in the Post-Pandemic Landscape

In the software development world, the buy vs. build debate is still strong. With rising costs of doing business, mounting customer expectations and disruptions to operations, leaders are faced with the decision of whether they should build software in-house or buy it externally. Interestingly, businesses based in the U.S. spend nearly $300 billion per year on in-house solutions. Within these, however, only 30% of in-house IT projects are successful.

So Why are So Few In-House Projects Successful Then?

The most common reasons in-house IT projects fail are: a lack of proper requirements, political imperatives, weak project sponsorship and severe over-optimism, as well as the short-sightedness of some decision-makers.

With the growing demand of cloud-based or SaaS solutions, particularly in today’s fragile business landscape, it makes even more sense to turn to the software experts. In fact, there are some great insights that have been brought to light over the years.

Why You Should Purchase EHSQ Software in a Nutshell

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