Our Upcoming Expert Connect Session: The Evolving Role of the EHS Professional—Planning for Crisis

Expert Connect EHS Professional

In the words of award-winning psychologist Albert Bandura: “Learning is bidirectional. We learn from the environment, and the environment learns and is modified thanks to our actions.”  With that in mind, we created our Expert Connect series to provide attendees with an exciting experience based on the exchange of ideas, experiences and industry knowledge.

Introducing Our Upcoming Session: The Evolving Role of the EHS Professional—Planning for Crisis

We’re excited to announce our fourth session, The Evolving Role of the EHS Professional—Planning for Crisis, which will be taking place on Wednesday, November 18th!

This session is designed to examine the role of EHS professionals in minimizing disruptions to supply chains and operations—all during post-pandemic times. By attending, you will learn:

  1. The key metrics that have the greatest impact to your sustainability programs and brand.  
  2. How our Intelex solution provides a sustainability performance indicator dashboard to help you monitor and report on performance, on top of creating action plans.

While the facilitators will start off by providing their insights, the rest of the discussion will be based on the questions posed by attendees. That’s the beauty of this free-flowing format—you can shape its outcome.

Here are the key session details:

  • Date: Wednesday, November 18th
  • Time: 10:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m. EST
  • Facilitators:
    • Intelex Moderator: Scott Gaddis, Vice President, Global Practice Leader—Safety and Health
    • Intelex Expert: Stephen Ross, Vice President, Enterprise Sales
    • Industry Speaker: Angelo Cianfrocco, Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Process Improvement Leader, Predictive Solutions
    • Customer Expert:  Scott Gerard, Vice President, Environmental, Health & Safety, Moss

Registration is Only a Click Away!

To register for this free virtual event, please click here!

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