Maintaining Quality in a Time of Uncertainty: Our Upcoming Expert Connect Session on October 28th

Expert Connecting Quality in a Time of Uncertainty

According to best-selling author Linda Lambert: “One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.”

Designed to provide attendees with an exciting experience based on the exchange of ideas, experiences and industry knowledge, our Expert Connect series is a true testament to our continued focus on trying to provide our customers, prospects and community with a breadth of experiences.

Introducing Our Third Session: Maintaining Quality in a Time of Uncertainty

We’re excited to announce our third session, Maintaining Quality in a Time of Uncertainty, which will be held on Wednesday, October 28th!

This session is designed to explore how COVID-19 has changed your manufacturing operations and strategies for ensuring quality does not falter. Attendees will learn:

  1. The unique challenges experienced this year.
  2. How to adjust quality programs to ensure consistency.
  3. Best practices for using your quality data for decision-making.

While the facilitators will start off by providing their insights, the rest of the discussion will be based on the questions posed by attendees. That’s the beauty of this free-flowing format — you can shape its outcome.

Here are the key session details:

  • Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020
  • Time: 10:00 am–10:45 am EDT
  • Facilitators:
    • Intelex Moderator: Kristen Duda, Vice President, Strategic Alliances
    • Intelex Expert: Aaron Davis, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Quality and Supply Chain
    • Industry Speaker: Ray Glemser, CEO, Glemser Technologies

Registration is as Easy as 1-2-3!

To register for this free virtual event, please click here!

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