How You Can Reduce Your Health and Safety Incidents by 25% in One Year

Reduce Health and Safety Incidents by 25%

In the words of writer and poet Khalil Gibran: “Progress is not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” While experience is undoubtedly the best teacher, second to that is learning through the journeys of others.

In the business world, this comes in the form of case studies or customer success stories. In studies conducted by McKinsey & Company, they identified five limiting mind-sets that affect an organization’s safety culture. However, by “harnessing approaches to overcome them, companies can achieve rapid, sustained change.”

This now brings us to why we are here—to examine the journey of how Moss, a leading US-based construction company, was able to successfully reduce its Health and Safety incidents by 25% in one year.

Moss’ Strong Foundation of Safety Culture and Laser-Focused Health and Safety Goals

It’s important to recognize that Moss already had a strong safety culture. The fact that they have a safety recognition program is a true testament to this.

That aside though, leaders had reached a point where they weren’t 100% satisfied with the status quo and had identified key objectives that they wanted to achieve. For starters, their goal was to find “a fully integrated safety, risk and claims management platform” that would provide them a comprehensive view of their data, on top of having robust analytical functionality. Essentially, they wanted to move to an integrated SMS / RMIS (Safety Management System / Risk Management Information System).

By implementing this system, they also wanted to be able to do the following:

  • Gain insights to identify gaps and potential weaknesses that they could transform into opportunities.
  • Leverage functionality that would allow them to assess incidents and claims together.
  • Make data-driven decisions through its “predictive analysis capabilities.”
  • Help mangers better communicate with their field operations staff as well as contractors.

In the end, they were able to successfully meet all of their business objectives—all with the help of Intelex.

Why Partnering with Intelex was the Right Choice

In 2016, Moss implemented the following Intelex applications to help them elevate their Health and Safety program:

“We have created a feedback loop, with all of those apps folding back onto themselves and sharing information back across the platform so that we can continue to refine our safety efforts,” says Scott Gerard, vice-president of Moss’ Environmental, Health & Safety.

Equipped with robust integration capabilities, the Intelex platform allowed leaders at Moss to extrapolate data and identify trends by incorporating data at the enterprise level. In the end, that was a big win.

How You Can Apply Moss’ Learnings Today

Download our Moss Case Study: Discover How Moss Reduced Health and Safety Incidents by 25% in One Year, and learn how Moss was able to:

  1. Achieve a savings of $110,000 (USD) on hand injuries in one year.
  2. Spend 63% less time spent on claims submissions.
  3. Maintain a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.44 at a Lost Time Incident Rate (LTRI) of 0.15.

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