Preserving Your Company’s Brand: Your Business During a Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the United States in early 2020, very few could imagine the enormous impact the virus would make on life as we knew it.

The first quarter of 2020, many business leaders found themselves enjoying the prosperity of a surging economy. We discovered how quickly life can change.

Within weeks of the first positive case in the United States, stay at home orders and other restrictions placed many business leaders in unfamiliar territory. Even businesses that had business continuity plans found themselves wondering how to proceed. The reality is that until recently, very few businesses have ever had the need to action their business continuity plans.

The Sept. 23 webinar “Preserving Your Company’s Brand: Your Business During a Pandemic,” hosted by BLR and sponsored by Intelex, explores the impacts of the pandemic on your business.

All Businesses Impacted by the Pandemic Businesses around the world have been impacted by COVID-19. This tsunami of a global pandemic has been an equal opportunity disaster, impacting global corporations and small businesses alike. The time to realize you have not adequately prepared for every possibility is not while you are in the middle of a business disruption that not only could endanger your employees and but could send your organization into a tailspin from which it might never recover.

The one thing the Coronavirus has taught us is that no business is immune to disaster. Whether it’s a physical threat to the building or supply chain, a pandemic requiring operations to be temporarily shuttered or drastically modified or a cyberattack, when business is disrupted it costs money. Insurance often does not cover all costs and will not reimburse you for the customers who defect to your competition.

With so much uncertainty, one thing is sure: the post-pandemic workplace will be very different than than anything we’ve experienced before.

Are you ready? How is your company preparing for a post-pandemic workplace? What policies and procedures are in place? How will you handle confirmed cases of COVID-19?

During this webinar presentation by attorney Travis Vance, a partner in the Fisher Phillips Charlotte office and co-chair of the firm’s Workplace Safety and Catastrophe Management Practice Group, and Trevor Bronson, Corporate Strategy Associate & Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intelex, we will explore the impacts of the pandemic on your company, including the following topics:

  • Employee Relations
  • Public Perception
  • Workplace Safety
  • Planning
  • Training
  • Business Continuity
  • Leadership
  • Telework Arrangements

Register now for “Preserving Your Company’s Brand: Your Business During a Pandemic.”

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