How to Enhance RFP Preparedness to Ensure a Smoother Journey to Completion: A Quick and Easy Approach

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” is as timeless and universal as it gets.

While preparation does take work – at least upfront – it usually makes the rest of the journey smoother and shorter. In sum, it can lead to a more successful outcome, which is the objective of all business plans.

RFP Preparedness for ESHQ Software Procurement Projects: The Essentials

With budget season only a short distance away, procurement projects for the following year are also ready to start. As expected, software solution projects in ESHQ follow the same approach. Once you’ve figured out the basics—the budget, business and technical requirements and timelines—you can get right into the industry or sector-specific requirements.

With EHSQ software procurement projects having specific considerations, it’s important to know exactly what your organization requires to meet your ESHQ goals. The next logical step is to determine the real capabilities and experiences of the prospective vendors, once you’ve established your business needs. It’s been proven that the best approach is ask the right questions—and the more specific, the better.

If you break down ESHQ by its two key areas, EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) and Quality, you’ll see that each has its own set of key considerations. However, what both areas have in common are their IT requirements, which include: the technology platform used, proposed integrations with third party systems, hosting model, configurability, security and privacy measures and technical architecture.

Inching Towards Stakeholder Buy-In: Actionable Recommendations Brought to You

To provide you with a one-stop destination to all the key questions you should include in your RFP, we’ve put together a how-to guide by practice area. To access each asset, please click on the links below.

EHS Questions for RFPsClick here to access your guide
QMS Questions for RFPsClick here to access your guide

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