Directly from the Source: How to Best Transform EHS Today’s Return to Work Survey Results into Action Plans

There’s something to be said about hearing something directly from the source. No presumptions, no exaggeration—just pure, unadulterated facts. It’s for that very reason that surveys and focus groups play such a critical role in business in general and in EHS in particular. While this applies to most initiatives, this is especially true for return to work (RTW) programs, as they were developed quickly in response to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19.

For these programs, capturing employee feedback, particularly in the early stages post implementation, is critical. This is not only to improve processes where areas of improvement have been identified but also to course-correct where action plans are not working. Essentially, creating closed-loop processes will differentiate evolving RTW ones from their static counterparts.

To explore this further, we will look at the latest survey-focused report published by EHS today, Safety Professionals Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Workplace.

EHS Today’s Safety Survey in a Nutshell

With the objective of “informing safety professionals on trends, management strategies, regulatory updates and daily news that help them provide safe and healthy work sites,” EHS Today is a well-known organization in its area of expertise. Their latest report, based on a survey of 700 safety professionals, was designed to get a true pulse on the perceptions, comfort levels and projections these professionals made on their organization’s RTW programs. From an industry participation perspective, manufacturing, construction and government made up a little over 50 per cent of the respondents.

A Preview to the Key Insights Gained

Here’s a sneak peek at the key insights that were brought to light:

  • When introducing new procedures, the top three challenges are identified as cross-functional management, time constraints and staggered deployment.
  • From a physical health or facilities perspective, the leading considerations are disinfection measures, PPE and common- area restrictions.
  • More than 75 per cent of respondents feel that they have the right tools and applications to effectively manage worker H&S.
  • In terms of operational changes, the top two cited are flexible working structures and a heightened focus on hygiene and occupational health.

The Complete Suite of Actionable Recommendations at Your Fingertips

Download EHS Today’s survey results report Safety Professionals Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Workplace, and prepare to learn:

  1. The top three departments that respondents have worked with on illness prevention and RTW plans.
  2. The leading process considerations for their RTW strategies.
  3. The three most important psychological considerations for their RTW plans.

Click here to access your report!

To view How is the Safety Industry Evolving, the video which highlights the results of the survey, please click here.

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