RFPs Help You Compare Apples to Apples in Your Search for Solutions

Top companies embrace change as an opportunity to transform their business and beat the competition. They actively research, procure, deploy and manage new hardware, software and services to lower costs and increase revenues. Creating a request for proposal (RFP) often is an early step in finding solutions to your organization’s pain points.

RFPs standardize project specifics such as goal(s), scope, timeline and budget for potential vendors, and ensure you are comparing apples to apples. RFPs are a common best-practice for procurement by private and public companies and governments. In fact, the average public sector organization runs 18 RFPs a year.

“Major changes to your business require an expenditure of resources, including what can be a significant investment in time and money. The return on your investment should be EHSQ software that spans the gaps across functions and can connect with other systems at your organization that are part of production, human resources, operations, etc.,” as is showcased in The Ultimate Guide to RFPs for EHS and QMS.

“The right software choice will impact and add value for multiple departments and shareholders in your organization, including EHSQ, IT, operations, customers, procurement, vendors and contractors, supply chain and more.”

Most importantly, your RFP not only should take into account your needs for today, but should set you up to meet future needs as your company grows or pivots in the upcoming months or years.

Our Ultimate Guides to RFPs will show you how to plan, create and manage the process to pick the best vendor while staying within your budget. Plus, these guides share some of the most common EHSQ questions that Intelex has seen over many years and hundreds of Health & Safety RFPs.

Both guides highlight the essential components of an RFP, which include:

  1. The definitions, details and requirements of each key component of an RFP (e.g. project overview, scope, integration and constraints).
  2. The key EHSQ-focused questions you should include in your RFP (e.g. your company’s approach to project management, solution design, implementation and operations management).
  3. Why you should choose Intelex as your EHSQ solutions provider (from our enterprise grade platform to our mobile first approach to our roster of global clients).

To access the Ultimate Guides for EHS and QMS Solutions, please click on the links below:

The Ultimate Guide to RFPs for EHS SolutionsClick here to access your guide
The Ultimate Guide to RFPs for QMS SolutionsClick here to access your guide

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