Strengthen Your Organization’s Workplace Safety Program by Incorporating Electrical-Focused Checklists

Protecting workers, particularly around hazardous energy, is an important aspect of workplace safety. Electrical and lockout/tagout hazards can be deadly or cause serious, disabling injuries, so it is important to train workers and follow standards and company guidelines about working around electricity and energized equipment.

Intelex Technologies and Predictive Solutions have developed ‘Don’t Be Shocked: An Electrical Safety Checklist‘ to provide insight into managing electrical hazards. As reported by The Electrical Safety Foundation International, there were 160 worker fatalities related to electricity in 2018. During that same period, there were 310 recordable electrical injuries in the construction industry alone. These numbers only reinforce the need to refine, expand and enforce safety-related guidelines in the workforce, and the free checklist can help you do that.

The Backbone of Most Workplace Safety Programs: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Key Standards and Controls

To ensure that they are compliant to health and safety regulations and guidelines, most organizations factor in OSHA’s electrical standards into their workplace safety programs. As such, these serve to protect workers from dangerous outcomes such as electrocutions, arch flash explosions or fires. Working around energized equipment also can impact employee safety, not only because of the use of electricity, but also because equipment that is not de-energized or properly tagged and locked out can start up, potentially killing or maiming workers who are conducting maintenance or trying to clear jammed product. The checklist includes a list that follows OSHA’s hazardous energy (lockout/tagout) standard, to minimize the potential dangers of working with energized equipment.

Easy-to-Use Tools and Resources are Effective

From a practicality perspective, tools that are simple to use and require little training are generally quickly adopted and used by workers. It comes as no surprise that checklists are considered one of these tools. Safety inspection checklists are not only used to closely examine the conditions of each worksite, but also to monitor the activities of the workers within them.

The Value of an Electrical Safety Checklist: All Brought to You

By downloading ‘Don’t be Shocked: A Checklist for Electrical Safety,’ you will learn:

  1. Key workplace safety insights provided by The Electrical Safety Foundation International.
  2. Why safety inspection checklists are vital to any workplace safety program.
  3. Specific checklist action items for electrical professionals to do by category: electrical, lockout/tagout.

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