Check Out the New Features Added to the Intelex Platform

Enhancements to the Intelex software platform improve usability and performance!

The Intelex platform keeps getting better and better! Intelex has delivered new features as well as usability and performance enhancements over the past months. Key items released include:

Photo Annotation

Now, your users can draw on photos before attaching them. They can circle a hazard, draw an arrow to highlight an observation, and more. Not only will you be able to better pinpoint exactly what is reported, it saves time in investigating or resolving a reported concern or safety hazard.

Email Warnings

Misconfigured data imports cost time, money, and result in a lot of frustration. You can now receive an email notification warning of misconfigured Data Import Templates. Minimize the time and troubleshooting required to import data cleanly the first time, without the headache.

Document Format Support

Uploading a document in Word? PDF? Excel? With our new release for the Intelex platform, the Document Control is able to support the original format of the document. This enhances the presentation and usability of the uploaded documents.

Enhanced Security

More support of E-Signatures! It is now possible to enforce your standard Intelex account policy for secondary passwords on top of your SSO set-up. Users who have secondary passwords that don’t meet standard account policy will be prompted to change their passwords. Users can also use their Profile to change their secondary password at any time.

Additional Read Only security option on detail views in the photo attachment sections is also now available. With this security option enabled, users will still be able to browse through photos in full-screen, but will not have the ability to add new photos or remove existing photos from the record.

Translation Enhancements

Implementing translations is even easier! The extract step for translations removes any items that no longer exist, thereby streamlining the process. Reports that are linked to a tab are now included. When you run the extract for an app, you’ll find the report caption and description, along with the caption of any of the charts that are included in the report.

Login Customization

Want to extend your corporate branding to your Intelex login screen for your users? You can, by easily adding your logo to the login screen.

Import Troubleshooting

Need help identifying which records didn’t import properly? With the new Error Log File, you can identify records that didn’t import properly, correct any errors, and easily re-import those records.

Expanded Filtering Capabilities

There are even more filtering options available to help you find information fast! It is easier than ever to filter inventory views using a “contains” filter on text fields and select all assigned tasks for an active user.

Regulatory Content Enhancements

Keep on top of your regulatory requirements! RegScan and Enhesa regulatory content providers make sure you are aware of any regulations impacting your business, and Intelex has enhanced our integrations with these content gateways to make sure you have the latest information. With RegScan, the Watchlist synchronization now automatically transfers new requirements as users subscribe, eliminating the need to manually set them up first and all repealed statuses will be updated accordingly in Intelex. On the Enhesa integration, enhancements have been applied to ensure citations are removed or updated in a more timely fashion.

Application Builder Usability on the Intelex Platform

Now, when you add a new many-to-one field, it automatically displays as a label instead of a link. This prevents the user from inadvertently accessing the record on the source object. As well, working with Form Designer is even easier when editing page source code since you will now see the ResourceKey and Meta:ResourceKey upon saving and refreshing the view. No more guessing if your changes are saved!

Checklist Question Link Support

Want to provide a useful reference link instead of writing individual reference captions in your checklists? Inspection checklists now support providing question guidance with a link to somewhere on the web for your users to use when filling out inspection checklists, making it easy for them to get help with a question if they need it.

ACTS Rolling Tables

Trying to create rolling compliance reports? This task just got easier! ACTS features new rolling tables that offer a more streamlined storage of ACTS data sets, providing an enhanced user experience when leveraging the v6 reporting tool to reference ACTS data in reports and dashboards.

Easily roll up operational and emission data at yearly, quarterly, monthly, rolling 12 monthly, and daily frequencies and report data for state emissions inventories, rolling 12 permit compliance reporting, and many other regulatory requirements.

Want to learn more? Visit the Release Notes on the Intelex Community.

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