Driving Employee Engagement by Championing Microlearning Methods and Enhanced Communications Techniques

How bulletins and mircolearning can elevate employee engagement.

With the pace of business increasing at an accelerating rate, people managers often find themselves having to process new information very quickly as well as transfer this new-found knowledge to their direct reports. With each learner having his or her own way of processing information, this can, at times, be quite a feat.

As a result, experts in the training space have championed learning styles that have yielded positive outcomes for a high number of individuals. Of these, one approach that has had a noticeable impact is mircrolearning.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Driving Progress through Bursts of Learning | Microlearning Simplified

Let’s start with the meaning of microlearning. Simply stated, it is “learning in small steps.” While that may not seem innovative at first, once you learn the benefits it provides, you’ll realize how underutilized a concept is has been to date.

What makes microlearning so effective is that is that caters to the different types of learners. Other benefits include:

Lower Costs: It’s a cost-effective option (from the employer’s perspective)
Operationally Effective: The lessons are easier to create, update and distribute
Fosters Collaboration: It is conducive to peer-to-peer learning
Applies Non-Traditional Teaching and Training Methodologies: It leverages the student-focused and interactive methods (vs. teacher-centered)

In recent years, many companies have incorporated teaching or performance improvement methods that apply some of the basic tenets of microlearning. For example, our company has championed the Kaizen approach to creating continuous improvement. This Japanese-based philosophy is centered around the idea that incremental and positive changes can drive significant improvements. Unlike traditional thinking and practices, it dispels the myth that only top-down changes can lead to real transformation.

The How | The Benefits of Using Bulletins to Enhance Communications

In keeping with the “short and powerful” approach and as advocates of introducing new and effective business techniques, we decided to develop a capability within our software solution that helps drive improvement through short and effective communications.

Enter Intelex’ bulletins feature.

Designed to provide team leaders “the ability to communicate with their workforce using short and concise messages,” our bulletins feature enables them to send messages and updates – all within 280 characters. On top of that, it allows users to select emoticons to indicate how useful the bulletin was.

By selecting a thumbs up emoji, those who posted the bulletin will know that the information was understood. In contrast, when users select the thumbs down option, the issuer will know that the reader needs further information or guidance – in real time. This will ensure that those who need help will receive it in a timely manner.

Our Insights Brought to You | Just a Click Away

With most people having limited bandwidth nowadays, we thought we would bring our insights to you. We’re excited to share with you our latest Insight Report ‘Bite-Sized Communications Serve Up Big Results: Answers to Your Questions About Bulletins and Microlearning.’ Get ready to learn:

  1. The importance and benefits of employee engagement
  2. How microlearning can deepen the connection between employees
  3. How bulletins:
    • expand learning opportunities
    • support your training and development plan
    • promote a learning journey
    • leverage awareness and understanding
    • increase leadership opportunities to promote value

That’s not all!

Access your report here.

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