Driving Next Level Safety Outcomes – Trends Oil & Gas Safety Professionals Need to Know About

New decade, new perspective. Do you know the five major trends forecasted to hit the Oil and Gas industry in 2020 and how they might affect you, your safety management system, and your company?

During the webinar “Driving Next Level Safety Outcomes – Trends Oil & Gas Safety Professionals Need to Know About,” Bobby Bourque of Industrial Scientific Corp. and I will discuss actions you can stay on top of these trends while future-proofing your safety initiatives and operational performance overall. We’ll also cover ways to protect your organization against any negative impacts the trends may pose and discuss how solutions from Intelex, Industrial Scientific, and Predictive Solutions can play a positive role in your safety management system. Whether you’re a seasoned safety professional or new to the job, we’ve designed the webinar for EHS professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve through technological adoption and intelligent management.

Although the webinar is targeted at trends that will impact safety in the oil and gas industry, safety professionals in other industries will benefit as well. For example, one of the trends we will cover – sustainability – was a key focus during my time as an EHS practitioner at Tesla Motors. Understanding how technology and management systems can help embed sustainability into daily operations and boost visibility is a lesson I personally have had to learn. Another trend – labor effectiveness – is one I encountered while at chemicals company Benjamin Moore. It was my responsibility to implement contractor management software to ensure on-site third-party workers were able to operate safely and effectively, meaning our resources were spent on work that got done correctly and on time. While these trends and our associated advice may be hyper-important to the oil and gas industry because of its current direction, the lessons are universally applicable.

That’s not to say we will not be providing some focused oil and gas expertise though; my co-presenter Bobby Bourque has been with Industrial Scientific Corporation since 2005 and serves clients as a Global Strategic Account Manager. Based in Houston, Texas, Bobby works with global oil and gas and midstream clients to grow partnerships that affect real change and reduce risk. Bobby is currently enrolled at Wharton Pennsylvania’s Strategic Management Program with a focus on providing best-in-class connected solutions.

Takeaways for attendees include:
• A deeper understanding of how incident management is fundamental to effective Environment, Health, Safety, and Quality (EHSQ) management within the oil and gas industry.
• Insights into reporting.
• Increased visibility to metrics.
• A clear understanding of the business value of the EHSQ departments in high-risk verticals

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