Intelex: Supporting COVID-19 Crisis Response and Prevention Efforts

The global COVID-19 pandemic has propelled the world into a state of nervousness and uncertainty. People everywhere are adapting to new realities that would have been unfathomable just months ago.   

Justin McElhattan, President, Industrial Scientific / Intelex Technologies, ULC., announced March 20 that Intelex is offering its Intelex Environment, Health, Safety, and Quality software platform free of charge to those on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 in the communities in which the company operates and our employees live and work. These include the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Thames Valley and London (UK), Denver, Sydney (Australia), and Pittsburgh, where its parent company, Industrial Scientific, is headquartered.

Intelex is ready to support COVID-19   crisis response efforts.

“Municipalities, first responders, public health organizations, healthcare facilities, and all other life-essential services providers on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak, we stand with you,” said Justin McElhattan, President, Industrial Scientific / Intelex Technologies, ULC. “With nearly 30 years of experience in protecting the health and safety of people from all walks of life, we asked ourselves: How can we help?”

Intelex is dedicated to keeping workers and their environments healthy and safe, and Intelex’s EHSQ software platform can support vital COVID-19 crisis response and prevention efforts. The EHSQ software platform provides real-time communication and engagement with workers no matter where they are; supports action planning to address shortages in essential materials or life-saving supplies; tracks exposures to mitigate spread and reduce risks; provides symptom and confirmed case reporting; generates real-time bulletins; and provides document management to control evolving policies. 

“The current global crisis demands action for the greater good. It is times like these that the collective strength of people is put to the test. We will overcome this together and come out stronger,” said McElhattan.  

The Intelex COVID-19 Response Team is ready to serve our communities. Please reach out to us to determine how we can help.  

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