Corporate Success: Connecting Health & Safety, Sustainability, and Operational Excellence

On January 21, 2020, join EHS Today and Intelex for Corporate Success: Connecting Health & Safety, Sustainability, and Operational Excellence, a webinar that examines the relationship between sustainability, EHS and operational excellence. 

Kathy Seabrook is a futurist in the world of workplace health, safety and environmental management. She is the president of Global Solutions, Inc.  and works with multinational companies focused on business, operational and commercial excellence using safety and health excellence as a lever for organizational change and sustainable business performance. She will share her perspective that sustainability is a business approach to creating long-term value by taking into consideration how a given organization operates in the ecological, social and economic environment. Occupational safety and health (OHS) professionals working in organizations are integral to Sustainability and operational excellence. 

In the past, corporate sustainability efforts focused on environmental issues, such as resource usage and emissions reductions. Attention has turned to other aspects of sustainability, including occupational safety, health, and wellness. Companies and their supply chains are managing sustainability through strategic initiatives embedded into daily operations, managed and measured proactively and globally as part of larger business/operational excellence initiatives and stakeholder expectations.

Investors break down sustainability into environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, with an expectation that companies will report on the measurement and resulting outcome of managing these issues.  The safety and health of workers – the human capital – is part of the social dimension of sustainability.  

Some companies call this corporate social responsibility (CSR), others refer to it as the triple-bottom-line, leveraging people, planet, and profits to achieve long-term value and organizational sustainability goals. Ideally, sustainability goals strive to balance social, environmental and economic considerations for long-term corporate success and viability. 

Speaker Rob Polito, ACTS Sales Manager at Intelex, has over thirty-eight years of sales, management, marketing, software, engineering and environmental consulting experience providing services and products to the industrial sector. He will present current work on leading metrics for OHS – sustainability and how they support integrating OHS, sustainability and operational excellence. He will share how sustainability management systems can help organizations achieve their operational, EHS, and quality goals. 

Companies that are standouts in their industries are at the forefront of EHS, quality and sustainability efforts, creating an alliance between technology, innovation, and operational excellence. 

Our webinar, Connecting Health & Safety, Sustainability and Operational Excellence, will provide you with insight from experts:  

  • Discussing the ‘Why’ for your CEO, you and the safety and health profession. 
  • Defining sustainability – ESG, CSR and a “triple-bottom-line” approach. 
  • Discussing recognized standards used to report on OHS sustainability.  
  • Exploring the need for reliable, consistent and relevant safety and health metrics for return on sustainability efforts. 
  • Presenting current work on leading metrics for OHS – sustainability and how they support integrating OHS, sustainability and operational excellence. 

Register now for this popular webinar that examines the relationship between sustainability, EHS, and operational excellence.

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