Change Your Culture by Making Employees a Part of Safety Strategy

New webinar explains why employees support proposals and programs they help to create and offers guidance on achieving employee buy-in for your safety management initiatives.

For excellence in any operational category to be recognized, it is imperative employees make decisions and behave in alignment with the intended strategic direction. Strategy is a framework of choices an organization makes to determine how to capture and deliver sustainable value. How value focused are your efforts, and do the customers of your safety strategy agree with this? 

In a new September 25 EHS Today-hosted webinar, sponsored by Intelex, Terry Mathis, the founder and CEO of ProAct Safety, an international safety and performance excellence firm, explain why safety is not a standalone strategy within a business; it must be an integral part of the overall operational plan. The webinar is scheduled for 2 pm on Sept. 25, and registration is open now.

Mathis asks: How clear is your strategic direction? How well can employees easily see the role safety plays within it? How were employees involved in the creation and execution of your plan? Mathis supports what W. Edwards Deming taught: “People support what they help to create.” 

Employees must be able to see themselves as actors within the safety strategy. For buy-in, ownership and discretionary participation, employees must play a role in identifying where you are going, what it will look like when you get there, where you are now, what choices are made to close the gap, their role and responsibilities, how progress will be measured, and confidence that the strategy is creating sustainable value. 

Ray Kanani, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Intelex, and Scott Gerard PCC, PCM, PCG, VP of Environmental, Health & Safety at Moss, will offer specific examples that highlight the importance of employee buy-in and engagement when it comes to the design and implementation level of an EHSQ software solution, as well as the important post-implementation phase and the successful adoption of engagement tools and the impact the adoption of these tools has had on the safety strategy at Moss.

Takeaways from the webinar: 

  • Learn how high-performing and highly reliable organizations are creating and executing on their unique strategy for excellence in safety culture and performance. 
  • Learn how to self-assess the efficacy of your current strategy and find opportunities for continuous improvement 
  • Identify what data are necessary to inform and answer the ten questions necessary to create a value-focused safety strategy 
  • Review a methodology that has guided hundreds of organizations in the creation of their effective strategy and execution plan 
  • Discover what motivates and demotivates employee involvement in the pursuit of safety excellence 
  • Learn how to identify the 5 types of people in organizational change 
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