Lloyd’s Register: Transforming Safety in the Fourth Digital Age

Lloyd’s Register is one of the world’s leading organizations for providing professional engineering services and technology. It formed in the 1760s and originally specialized in maritime classification. Today, Lloyd’s Register has expanded to provide services to many other industries including oil and gas, automotive, food and beverage, nuclear power, and transport logistics. It also offers certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001. 

As a UK charitable trust, Lloyd’s Register’s profits go to support Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a charity dedicated to providing engineering education and research to protect and enrich human life around the world. Its goal is to ensure that the critical infrastructure that forms the support for modern society is safe, reliable, and sustainable.  

James Pomeroy
Group Safety, Security, Environmental and Sustainability Director
Lloyd’s Register

In the new video case study Lloyd’s Register: Transforming Safety in the Fourth Digital Age, James Pomeroy, Group Safety, Security, Environmental and Sustainability Director at Lloyd’s Register, discusses how Lloyd’s uses Intelex technology to fulfill its mandate of working for a safer world. Having worked as an engineer, Pomeroy describes his first-hand experience witnessing the cost of antiquated or ineffective safety culture. Today, Pomeroy is dedicated to finding new opportunities to bring safety practices into the twenty-first century through analytics and prediction to provide real-time information for data-driven decision making and accident prevention practices. 

At Lloyd’s Register, safety is a personal mission that is about more than simply controlling processes and gathering data. It is about engaging every worker and inspiring their dedication to a culture of safety. Pomeroy knows that while prescribing safety awareness is impossible, there is a real opportunity to use technology to nudge workers to adopt a safety mindset and increase their engagement with the safety culture. Intelex’s mobile technology solution allows every worker to share their job and safety expertise with the entire organization as they provide real-time updates from every location. Mobility from Intelex provides the connectivity Lloyd’s Register needs to ensure the safety of thousands of workers around the world every day. 

Watch Lloyd’s Register: Transforming Safety in the Fourth Digital Age today to learn about how Intelex is supporting Lloyd Register’s mission of working for a safer world. 

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