The Connected Worker: A Roadmap for Preparing Your Organization for New Technology to Reduce Safety Risks

In the workplace of today, many of your workers are already connected to their mobile devices. While they’re working, their smart watches are alerting them to emails and social media messages, their fitness devices are counting their steps, and their phones are receiving emails and selecting the music they’re listening to. So why not integrate that connectivity into the workplace? 

Connected workers = safer workers. That means connecting your people to information, technology, and to each other to keep them safe and to maximize the positive impact to your bottom line. From inspectors using checklists on their tablets that feed directly into your EHS management system to frontline workers using smart glasses with heads-up-displays, virtual assistants for generating reports and scheduling tasks, and augmented reality for training and organizational learning, the world’s leading organizations are already embracing smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to move their EHS programs to the next level. 

The result of investing in connected workers? How about better regulatory compliance, increased productivity, better availability of critical information, and decreased operational risk? Together, these benefits produce a significant return on investment for any organization.  

In the new Insight Report from Intelex and BLR, The Connected Worker: A Roadmap for Preparing Your Organization for New Technology to Reduce Safety Risks, you’ll learn about how to get your workplace ready to connect your people, process, and tools throughout the organization, and to ask such important questions as: 

  • Will my workers embrace connected technology? 
  • Do we have good processes that support connected workers? 
  • Do we have existing technology that we can use? 
  • Can our IT department support this? 

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