10 Steps to Take Your Safety Management System from Good to Great

Taking your EHS management system from good to great requires more than just buying a tool or paying lip service to the idea of safety. It requires a strong safety culture that integrates people, processes, and tools so that every worker is connected not only to the technology, but to their peers. Connected workers = safer workers, and that means connecting the organization as a whole to the core value of safety. 

In the new Intelex checklist 10 Steps to Take Your Safety Management System from Good to Great, EHS expert Scott Gaddis, Vice President and Global Practice Leader—Safety and Health at Intelex Technologies Inc., shows you the fundamental principles you need to build upon to make sure your EHS management system can keep your workers safe, provide business value, and provide a positive impact for your bottom line. When it comes down to it, every organization is built out of the efforts and ambitions of human beings, so your safety culture needs not only to keep them safe, but to understand how they think and to encourage them to become strong problem solvers and safety advocates.  

In this checklist, Scott shows you how to address important issues like the following: 

  • How to learn from incidents and prevent them from happening again. 
  • How employees can put safety first, even when confronted with tasks without work instructions. 
  • The importance of honest audits and inspections. 
  • How to give workers a voice in safety culture. 
  • How to celebrate safety wins. 

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