Use Mobile If You Want to Get Your Safety Management Program Moving

Do you know how to evaluate and implement EHS mobile applications? There are a number of mobile applications available on the market and deciding which ones will work for your team can be a daunting task.  

It doesn’t have to be daunting. Many companies successfully use mobile applications to enhance their EHS programs.   

To find the solutions that are right for you, first ask yourself these questions: Why do you want to implement mobile? Why would your stakeholders want to implement mobile? 

Are your goals to: 

  • Increase engagement among workers? 
  • Reduce time and barriers to report hazards or incidents? 
  • Improve operational visibility and reporting? 
  • Increase data accuracy? 
  • Include EHS in a company-wide digital strategy? 

If so, then going mobile should be a focus for your organization. Our new webinar “Get Your Safety Program Moving with Mobile” examines companies that have successfully implemented EHS mobile applications into their safety management systems.  

We will dive into real use cases of organizations that have deployed EHS mobile applications to drive engagement, increase valuable data points and improve EHS program success. It will include how they use mobile technology, their implementation strategies and adoption tactics. 

The webinar will then dive into important considerations when selecting a technology solution. For example, what unique requirements do you need based on environmental or situational work limitations? What features do your cross-functional stakeholders require? How do you prioritize functionalities? What are common technical requirements to ask vendors? 

Finally, to plan for implementation success, there are important policies and decisions to plan for. For example: 

What is your company’s mobile device policy? Are employees allowed to use mobile devices at work, or are they considered a distraction that could impact safety? Policies might need to be rewritten to include mobile phones, tablets and other devices, and education about when and how to use those devices might be in order. 

Are you planning a pilot roll-out? Starting with one location, or one simple application, can help test workflows, understand adoption hurdles, and obtain stakeholder buy-in before you invest further. 

Software and mobile apps often include user licenses; who needs a license? You need to determine who will get a license to use the mobile apps: do they have “read only” privileges or can they enter and edit the information that’s viewed in the app? Learn how to identify your users and understand the permissions they need. 

What training do employees need to make your adoption of a mobile strategy effective? Internally supporting workers as they learn how to appropriately use mobile devices at work is essential to get the most value out of your EHS mobile program. Hear best practice examples of how to support your workforce through this change. 

I hope you will join Mike Baggley, SVP of Customer Experience at Intelex, and me as we explore the use of mobile devices and apps to improve your Safety Management System. 

About the author: 

Lauren Charbon is the Senior Product Marketing Manager of Environment, Health & Safety at Intelex. She focuses on bringing value throughout the customer journey and advocating for innovation. 

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