Verdantix ranks Intelex as a leader in EHS

Independent research and consulting firm Verdantix has released the 2019 installment of its Green Quadrant: EHS Software 2019 report, the only third-party benchmark of EHS software available. What makes this report notable is that it provides an unbiased, detailed evaluation of 23 market-leading global EHS software providers, measuring not only product capabilities, but also the varying strengths of each vendor, as well as providing expert guidance for EHS leaders.  


The report is the culmination of a lengthy research process conducted by research directors and analysts at Verdantix. The benchmark assesses vendors and their applications on a broad range of criteria spanning mobile solutions, automated data input and hardware integrations, business intelligence and configurability, to name a few. In addition, the report assesses the full range of EHSQ processes, including safety, incident, audits and inspection management, quality management and management of change (MOC), sustainability management and more. It also dives into analysis of momentum criteria relating to vendor success, such as continuous innovation, new customer growth, installed customer base and partnerships. But the report isn’t only based on Verdantix’s assessment – the research firm interviews over 411 EHS decision-makers who select, implement and use EHS software to create a balanced report. 


Intelex is proudly ranked as a leader for the third consecutive time since its inclusion in the report, and we have made significant progression in the Leaders Quadrant across both capabilities and momentum.

When using the report for guidance, EHS leaders are advised to take a hard look at the problems they are trying to solve when evaluating one solution vendor over another. It is crucial to not only consider your EHS software needs of today, but also assess solutions based on your priorities and initiatives of the future.  Case in point: according to the Verdantix Global EHS Leaders Survey 2018: Budgets, Priorities & Tech Preferences,  60% of the 411 decision-makers across 25 industries and 35 countries perceive innovation as a high priority for the EHS function and a further 23% believe it is essential. This remarkable shift of focus to innovation versus EHS and compliance is a major one. According to Steve Bolton, Verdantix Research Director, “This survey unarguably illustrates a sea change in the attitude of EHS managers towards the mission of the EHS function. Gone are the days when cost-effective compliance topped the priority list. This benchmark of EHS plans for 2019 demonstrates the EHS community is doubling down on innovation and technology.”   

In an era where EHS is undergoing extensive digital transformation and disruption, Bolton added, “There is widespread recognition that digital technologies like software, analytics, wearables, sensors and mobile apps are central to the new EHS mission statement.” 

Consider the following additional findings from the study: 

EHS Digital Transformation: 52% of respondents have implemented a plan and another 33% are working on a digital transformation strategy for EHS. 

Technology adoption: 58% plan wide usage of EHS software in 2019, 44% digital sensors and 43% location tracking wearables. 

Training: 55% of EHS leaders anticipate broad use of learning management systems and online health and safety training courses, which is more than classroom training. 

Budgets: Worldwide spending on EHS will increase in 2019 compared to 2018, and bright spots for double-digit increases are digital technologies, PPE and training. 

EHS consulting spend: 2019 priorities are EHS software implementation, EHS management systems design, process safety improvement and advice for capital projects. 

The message is clear: if you aren’t innovating, you will increase your environmental and safety risks and get left behind. 


Intelex is in an enviable position in the 2019 Green Quadrant for EHS Software, with progressive movement year over year. In fact, we have a lot to boast about, coming in with the highest scores in: 

  • Safety Management 
  • Incident Management 
  • Audit and Inspections Management 
  • Management of Change (MOC) Capabilities 
  • Sustainability Management 
  • Water and Waste Water Management 

And when it comes to the vendors in the leaders quadrant, we scored industry-leading marks for:

  • Continuous Innovation 
  • Quality Management 
  • Partnerships 
  • New Customers 
  • Deployment 

According to Verdantix, “Intelex offers breadth and depth of software functionality across EHS, Quality and Sustainability Management.” Why do we call this out?  When evaluating EHS software vendor capabilities, an EHS leader is advised to look at the overall vendor scores, as well as how their strengths match up to EHSQ priorities. For example, if you are looking for a solution that will cover all your EHSQ needs, is the vendor you are assessing rated high in Environmental capabilities but lower in Safety and Quality?  If IIoT-enabled EHS is in your future, does the vendor you are assessing have the partnerships and integrations in place to support your digital transformation strategies? How about employee engagement and the connected worker? Is the vendor you are considering strong in these areas? Are they partnered with HCM vendors? 

To give you a glimpse into the priorities other EHS professionals like you are considering, let’s go back to the Verdantix Global EHS Leaders Survey for a moment and dive into adoption of software by EHS processes. According to the study, there are nine top priorities and EHS use cases as reported by global EHS leaders that are topping the list of hot buttons and investments in environmental, health and safety. These priorities include safety and operational risk, incident management, environmental compliance, occupational health and industrial hygiene, quality, EHS reporting, metrics and analysis, product compliance for chemicals and components, chemicals and hazardous waste compliance, and sustainability programs. 

Now, you are likely going to wonder which of the leaders in the 2019 Green Quadrant for EHS Software scored highest in these areas. We were wondering the same thing and mapped the scores in these relevant areas from the Green Quadrant report to see who came out on top. Intelex had the highest cumulative overall score of the top three EHS software vendors in this year’s Green Quadrant for all 9 capabilities listed as the highest priorities for adoption for EHS processes in 2019. But don’t take our word for it – we welcome you to do the math for yourself. In an environment where EHS professionals are increasingly pursuing integration with Quality initiatives, having a solution that is integrated and has strengths in EHS AND Quality, is important not only to gain holistic visibility but to eliminate data silos and avoid the cost of maintaining multiple IT systems.

The net of it is that when assessing which vendor you want to work with, make sure you weigh the capabilities that are important to your business and ensure the vendor’s strategy is aligned with where you are taking your business and your EHS initiatives.   


The future of EHS is increasingly connected. People, processes, assets, wearables and the plethora of data that comes from each of these endpoints is only meaningful if it is contextual-based. EHS and Quality professionals have this data around them today, but it is siloed and not being largely used across the organization. Without a central EHSQ nervous system to act as the system of record that harnesses data from connected workers, assets and programs to provide a 360-degree view, innovating for EHSQ will continue to be fragmented – like Lego pieces that don’t connect.  

But for your EHSQ software to be able to deliver the value at the intersection of this new wave of convergence, partnerships and integrations are key.  When considering an EHS software vendor, you should ask such questions as:

Do they work with your HCM software to automatically sync employee data?

Is the vendor innovating in Industry 4.0 and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), such as PPE (personal protection equipment), wearables and other connected technology?

Does the vendor integrate with the current EHSQ tool you use, such as root cause analysis software? 

Intelex understands the importance of EHSQ ecosystems and we have a strong partnership and integration portfolio, as well as the highest score for partnerships in the Green Quadrant to prove it. Recent partner additions include (but are not limited to) InfinityQS®, TapRooT®, and a collaboration with Honeywell for IIoT. These partnerships enabled Intelex to have the highest score in partnerships across all 23 vendors in the 2019 Green Quadrant. 


When making an EHS software purchase decision, make sure to review the Verdantix GQ to understand the functionalities, business capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of the vendors you’re considering.  

And if you want a product tour of Intelex, book a demo! We’d be happy to show you what a comprehensive, industry-leading solution can do to propel your EHS and Quality initiatives.

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