How EHSQ 4.0 Is Set to Supercharge Your Organization

When people think of Industry 4.0, they might think of connected factories and smart manufacturing. Yet the methods and tools of Industry 4.0 extend far beyond manufacturing. Soon, every organization will be able to benefit from Industry 4.0 methods and practices as they adopt more flexible and connected networks of people, data, and machines to improve efficiency of assets, quality of products and services, and process flow.

The approach of Industry 4.0 is poised to supercharge the world of EHSQ. For several years, the EHSQ community has been using integrated management systems to consolidate ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 systems, an approach that ISO has recently made easier with the introduction of the High-Level Structure (HLS). As EHSQ assimilates the tools of Industry 4.0 to become EHSQ 4.0, it will move from being a way to record incidents and track quality events to one of bridging multiple disciplines and themes to aggregate information that generates insights, foresight, and a proactive approach to creating value.

When EHSQ 4.0 integrates processes, resources, and culture, we will achieve a richer and more complex characterization of the ways in which our products and services impact each other and the world. The data produced will not only drive exponential value across an organization, but it will increase the flow of information and best practices to ensure that we are proactive, not simply reactive, across every EHSQ practice. By breaking down the barriers between EHSQ, organizations will be able to harness the methods of each in new and innovative areas. For example, by using quality methods to improve products and services, we can create an organizational culture in which workers become healthier and more attuned to safety practices.

In the new Intelex Insight Report “EHSQ 4.0: Drive Exponential Value Through Digital Transformation,” Nicole Radziwill (VP Global Practice, Quality & Supply Chain, Intelex) shows you what you need to know about EHSQ 4.0 to achieve:

  • improved quality of products and services
  • reduced waste and rework
  • reduced capital requirements in the supply chain, and
  • optimized process flow.

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