Ensuring Food Safety with Quality Management Software

Food safety characteristics have a very close connection to food quality characteristics, and while all food safety characteristics relate to quality, not all food quality characteristics relate to safety. Food quality, according to Alli (2016), relates to ensuring that products meet the established requirements for food characteristics. Garvin (1987) describes eight dimensions for measuring the characteristics of food quality: performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceptions. Food safety, which relates to the characteristics that have the potential to be harmful to human health by causing illness, falls under the performance and reliability dimensions of food quality. Food safety characteristics are therefore specific kinds of food quality characteristics.

By recognizing that food safety and food quality have an integrated relationship, organizations can bring quality methods and tools to bear on the difficulties of navigating food safety regulations in their FSMS (Food Safety Management System). With food supply chains now reaching across the globe, it is more difficult than ever to ensure compliance with every international regulation, standard, and framework. To meet these multiple obligations, many organizations are engaging in MFSMS (Multiple Food Safety Management Systems). The effect of this complex web of obligations can often be duplication of documentation, frequent internal audits, and extra resources to manage the multiple areas of compliance.

As the global marketplace grows, and organizations find new opportunities for expansion and growth, regulatory obligations grow over time, and the knowledge management systems that organizations have in place become increasingly unwieldy and resistant to expansion. An integrated Quality Management System (QMS) has the breadth and depth to manage the unique processes of your organization and to streamline your health, safety, and quality processes from end-to-end. In the webinar “Ensuring Food Safety with Quality Management Software,” Nicole Radziwill (Vice President, Global Quality & Supply Chain Practice at Intelex Technologies and Fellow of the American Society for Quality), Sonduren Fanarredha (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Quality Management Software at Intelex Technologies) and Angelica Lauriano (Senior Account Executive – Food & Beverage) will discuss how an integrated QMS for food and beverage can help you with:

  • ensuring consistent and efficient quality management practices across facilities in different locations
  • facilitating corrective action procedures (CAPA)
  • eliminating duplication of effort and documentation
  • ensuring training and process documentation is up-to-date for both regular use and inspections, and
  • ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements in every jurisdiction.


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