Building your Organizational Culture of Quality with a QMS

A strategic culture of quality, one in which every stakeholder shares the pride, passion, and initiative to deliver the highest quality products and services, should be built on a quality management software solution (QMS) that integrates an organization’s people, processes, and tools. The world’s leading quality organizations, such as Toyota, know that implementing a QMS that creates an environment in which all employees can thrive, and which incorporates data-driven decision-making using statistical methods and continuous improvement, will be foundational to innovation and success.

Many industries face fundamental challenges in building a culture of quality. Construction projects often feature diverse teams of architects, designers, engineers, and builders who come together temporarily and bring with them their own unique perspectives on quality culture. In healthcare, rigid hierarchies can hinder effective communication and lead to more frequent instances of infection and negative patient outcomes. In hospitality, tight schedules and difficult physical conditions can lead to stressful work environments.

The solution to these challenges lies in a QMS that promotes transformational leaders, proactive workers, and continuous improvement to achieve effective outcomes. In the new Intelex Insight Report How to Leverage QMS Software to Promote a Culture of Quality, you’ll learn about the three essential pillars of how a QMS can support your culture of quality through:

  • process management
  • leadership and management commitment, and
  • employee engagement and effective communication.


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