What Can We Learn from the Organizational Cultures of Different Industries?

Many industries have no clear boundary between safety and quality culture. In fact, they are often very closely integrated. Quality failures and nonconformances that require rework have been correlated with increased accidents and recordable injury rates in manufacturing organizations. These injuries are frequently the result of fatigue, workplace pressure, and the pressure from extra work due to quality failures.

Among the important collective of people, processes, and tools, people are the primary point of failure in increasingly automated systems. Unlike machines, we are subject to fatigue, information overload, and stress that can have a serious impact on our ability to work safely and efficiently. However, people are also the place where dynamic sensemaking, decision-making, and situational awareness reside, which are vital ingredients in complex and high-reliability organizations (HRO).

Culture is therefore an integral element of every organization. In the new Intelex Insight Report Integrating Quality and Safety in Organizational Culture: A Cross Industry Look, you’ll explore the nuclear energy, construction, petroleum, and health care industries to learn:

  • How people continue to be vital elements of software-dominated systems.
  • How complex systems breed complex problems that defy simple solutions.
  • How standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and industry-specific frameworks can guide organizations in their quest for better safety and quality cultures.
  • How communication, leadership engagement, and situational awareness are the building blocks of strong organizational culture in every industry.


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