Did You Know That Customer Complaints Can Be a Good Thing for Your Business?

Surely, it’s a bad thing when a business receives customer complaints. If the customer isn’t happy, then there must have been a poor interaction and we need to do everything we can to make the customer happy as quickly as possible, right?

Well, not so fast. While it’s true that no one likes to hear about customers being unhappy, it’s also true that customer complaints are very valuable learning opportunities. When customers tell you why they’re unhappy and what you need to do to make things right, they’re giving you important information about how to fix your processes and design your products to improve and enhance the overall experience for all your customers. With the broad availability of technology making consumers increasingly knowledgeable about what they want, enhanced customer experience and satisfaction is set to become the best way in which businesses can differentiate themselves from their competition.

However, collecting, organizing, and acting on customer complaints isn’t as easy as it sounds, and not all complaints are created equal. While some complaints will relate to low-impact problems like short shipments or late delivery, others might have consequences that could relate to serious problems leading to loss of life or heavy financial costs. Further, with customers lodging complaints across so many different forms of electronic media, it can be difficult to track them, which means organizations lose the opportunity to collect, organize, and address them, and to perform long-term trend analysis using the analytical methods from the quality toolbox. As a result, customers begin to experience “trained helplessness” when they realize that voicing dissatisfaction about their experience with the product or service is futile.

In the newest Intelex Insight Report, “How Customer Complaint Management Can Help Differentiate Your Business” you’ll learn about how integrating a customer complaints management application into your QMS can help you use the Voice of the Customer to differentiate your business from the competition. You’ll learn about:

  • How customer complaints highlight business process failures
  • How to manage complaints to begin achieving better customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement
  • How customer experience is the most important differentiator for today’s businesses, and
  • The important standards that can provide the guidance you need to achieve superior total customer experience.


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