HR’s Top Priority? Safety and Wellbeing!

By Faith Tull, Intelex Chief People Officer

Human Resources (HR) plays a unique role for health and safety within a company. We wear many hats in our organization, but ultimately at the core of everything we do is our employees. Not only is HR present to provide guidance when cultivating careers, but also is a critical component when the well-being and safety of each employee is considered!

There are many facets in any industry where safety is essential. When people think of safety, they immediately think about workplace accidents. It’s overwhelming that over 2.6 million accidents* occur each year, and as an HR professional, this is a tough number to swallow because we work hard to bring in these talent individuals into our organizations.

As an HR leader, I’ve always been committed to improving workplace health and safety standards and have worked closely with many subject matter experts whose roles were to solely focus on safety and health, ensuring we provide the best working conditions to allow all employees to thrive.

Prior to Intelex, I worked at a company where we had to implement a no texting and walking down the stairs policy to avoid accidents. It might sound like a crazy policy, but we experienced an incident where an employee was coming down the stairs in the office in heels while texting and not paying attention to the steps. She fell, and as you can imagine, she hurt her ankle, knee and wrist.

Our employees who were trained as internal first responders assisted her while we waited for the ambulance to arrive. This is a prime example how critical it is to have employees who are trained for all types of work safety incidents and how working together to create a policy can help prevent workplace accidents.

Another aspect of safety is providing a work experience where employees feel comfortable bringing their whole and authentic selves to work every day. At Intelex, we are on a path to evolve our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging strategy and to make improvements that benefit all our team members. Our goal as a HR team and overall company is to facilitate a safe and healthy environment for employees to work in.

At Intelex, employees all have a voice and we want to hear directly from them about their concerns and feedback. We do this by:

  • Forming a Joint Health Safety Committee made up of employees who review concerns and feedback when issues arise that threaten employee safety and health.
  • Holding annual fire drills and implementation of fire wardens who receive regular training to keep fire safety procedures up to date.
  • Conducting Quarterly Employee Engagement surveys to provide a deeper understanding of the wants and needs of our teams. This provides a confidential outlet for employees to share whether they feel safe at work or not.

All these elements contribute to cultivating a culture that provides the best employee experience daily and – at the end of the day – keeps everyone safe.

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