The ROI on EHS Process Automation

As an EHS professional, your responsibilities include safeguarding employees from deadly workplace hazards and managing the potentially paralyzing mountains of regulations and paperwork that go along with them. But just as technology has revolutionized so many things, from assembly lines to transportation, it can also revolutionize your ability to manage workplace hazards, regulatory compliance, and all those reams of data.

Here are ways that automating your EHS processes can improve your productivity and help achieve your EHS goals:

Staying Compliant

  • Identify and keep up-to-date with the EHS regulations you need to keep track of, across various locations, job types and industries
  • Simplify compliance reporting requirements
  • Automate and track training schedules
  • Organize and streamline document control

Anticipating Hazards and Managing Incidents

  • Standardize your incident management process so that required information is captured and can be turned into prescriptive insights
  • Standardize job safety analysis processes so that they are the same regardless of the location at which the JSA is done, at which business unit it is performed, or which employee completes the analysis
  • Identify systemic risks and trends, apply corrective actions, and have the accountability to ensure the corrective actions are completed
  • Accurately measure the success of your EHS processes

An Insight Report, published by Intelex Technologies and authored by BLR EHS Daily Advisor’s editorial team, provides a wealth of information on how to improve your EHS ROI by automating safety processes. It’s an invaluable guide for safety managers.

You can download the report here:



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