Finding the Best EHS Solution for Your Business: 10 Questions for Buying EHS Compliance Software

Many organizations are discovering that EHS regulations are becoming increasingly complex. Businesses that operate in a global environment must contend with regulations that are unique to every jurisdiction. The regulations for each jurisdiction can be extremely complex, and when those requirements are added to the requirements for all the other jurisdictions in which the business operates, EHS compliance can become overwhelming and almost impossible to manage.

Environmental compliance solutions can be the solution to navigating this overwhelming complexity. They can help organizations keep track of the regulations in different jurisdictions, organize their data, and make fact-based decisions that fulfill their compliance obligations without burning through both human and financial resources.

But once an organization has decided to implement an environmental compliance solution, where should they start? What are some of the questions they should ask? In a new webinar, Intelex Global Compliance Content Lead Jessica Sarnowski identifies 10 questions every organization should ask before they buy an environmental compliance solution. From which jurisdictions one needs to consider to content audits, solution ownership, and training, Jessica outlines a complete plan of action for learning how organizations can find an environmental compliance solution that meets their needs and provides the business value they need to operate in an increasingly complex world. Jessica will provide insight into:

  • why you need an environmental compliance solution
  • what questions you should ask when buying an environmental solution, and
  • the benefits of being prepared with an EHS compliance solution.

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