How Crisis Management Planning Could Save Your Business

Crisis management planning is one of the most important ways of protecting your organization and your workers from injury, loss of productivity and disaster. A solid crisis management plan that has executive sponsorship and cross-functional support can mean the different between an incident from which your business recovers and a disaster that costs time, money or lives.

Yet crisis management planning is also one of the most difficult initiatives for which to get executive support. Very often, crisis management is considered too expensive or simply requires too many resources for an event that many executives would consider a statistical improbability. This attitude relies on the idea that a crisis is never likely to happen and that, even if it did happen, everyone would instinctively know how to deal with it.

But what if it does happen? How would the organization deal with a crisis in which people were injured? Or one in which productivity shut down for an hour? Or a year? Or permanently?

Effective crisis management planning is about more than simply creating the plan. It’s about testing the plan, looking for weaknesses, making contingencies for when key parts of the plan fail, and creating communication plans for media relations at all points during the crisis event.

Join Dr. Vince Marchesani (Owner of Environmental Health and Safety International LLC) in our free webinar as he discusses:

  • the elements of a good crisis management plan
  • how to test your plan to find potential weaknesses
  • how to manage media relations, and
  • how to create an emergency response team.

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