Success Factors for Moving Into the Cloud

Customers are moving their Quality Management Systems into the cloud for many reasons:

  • It is easier to finance, with expenses spread out over a number of years. Because your company is sharing computing resources with other people, the total cost is cheaper overall. The services component will be higher than if things are kept in-house, but expenses such as hardware purchasing/upgrading and employment of increasingly expensive talent to manage the computing resources will be taken off the corporate ledger.
  • It is faster to deploy. Business benefits are realized much quicker because internal processes, such as reviews, approvals, and the accompanying meetings and endless email chains that typically bog down implementations are no longer part of the equation.
  • It offers faster access to the latest and greatest software features. No longer does the customer need to keep up with newest developments in software and implement those they want. Cloud providers seek to keep pace with industry innovation and ensure the latest advancements are available to customers.
  • It frees up people for other strategic initiatives. The efforts of precious IT and operational resources previously dedicated to “keeping the lights on” can now be redirected to other, higher-value tasks and responsibilities that can help grow the business, rather than simply maintaining the technology infrastructure.
  • In the Cloud, it is easier to scale up to meet global needs. Previously, multinational firms would typically roll out components, such as a compliance handling system, gradually throughout the world, perhaps starting in North America and then, months later, to its locations in Europe and Asia-Pacific. With the Cloud, every location can get the same information technology functionality at the same time, increasing efficiency and allowing the company to get the most out of the updated technology.

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