See How Root Cause Analysis Just Got a Lot Easier

Intelex recently announced the latest integration with TapRooT – a systematic process and software tool that enables customers to conduct detailed root cause analyses of injuries and other incidents.

Thanks to a new integration of TapRooT’s systematic process and software tool with Intelex, customers will now be able to enter an injury in Intelex, perform a detailed root cause analysis using TapRooT, and capture the result of the root cause analysis within Intelex.

The recently announced partnership allows customers to leverage Intelex’s powerful reporting and analytics foresight on injury and root cause data, ultimately producing better decisions and reducing the risk of repeat incidents, injuries and illnesses. The integration will also remove the administrative and record keeping hassle of managing two disparate incident and root cause analysis tools.

“This partnership provides customers an industry-leading, integrated solution for taking their injury and root cause analysis data to the next level. By leveraging Intelex and TapRooT, customers can drive impactful proactive safety decisions,” said Kristen Duda, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Intelex.

“We’re excited to establish a partnership with Intelex. TapRooT and Intelex both create safer work places and help companies achieve operational excellence,” said Dan Verlinde Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, TapRooT. “That’s why this was an obvious opportunity to collaborate. This partnership will allow our joint customers to realize an integrated Environmental Health and Safety and Root Cause Analysis solution, while reducing duplicate effort.”

The integration is available on Intelex’s current platform version 6.5.72.

Learn more about Intelex Root Cause Analysis Software here.


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