Pitching an EHS Pen and Paper Process

Pearson Education is a textbook example of how to get off the paper trail and onto a digital path when it comes to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) reporting.

Seven years ago, this global educational product and services company that manufacturers textbooks for “K to 12” (kindergarten to Grade 12) began transitioning away from legacy paper-based health and safety reporting to a software-based electronic method. The rationale, as is often the case for organizations abandoning hard-copy forms, was to simplify processes, extend the reach of its EHS programs, and gain greater employee participation in the actual reporting of all things Health and Safety.

“Our reports have come a long way,” says Jeremy Milam, Pearson’s senior health and safety systems administrator. “We had a lot of pen and paper stuff…virtually everything.”

Today, Pearson uses a wide range of Intelex-based EHS applications, including standard safety incidents, standard non-conformance, document control plus injury reports. Moving to a software-based system has helped drive change in behavior, Milam says, explaining that in the old world of pen and paper, processes were cumbersome and there was a reluctance to file reports.

“Now it is much easier and so much nicer to have someone able to go in and report a non-conformance or report an injury and be done with it in a very short span of time,” he says. “It’s a continuously evolving process. Putting the visibility out there, I think, helps people realize the system is a powerful tool and can be used for a lot of things.

Milam says his company’s Intelex system has helped drive Health and Safety reporting behavior change across the company’s locations and facilities, making Pearson a safe and better place to work.

“Intelex…It’s quite simply the best system out there,” he says. “We’ve looked at other options for EHS and Q and there’s nothing better. There’s no better one-stop shop out there. Everything is in one place…everything is where we need it. It’s easy and quick to access, easily configurable and very easy to push out to all of our users.”

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