Agri-Business Looks to Feed EHS Learning Across the Company

It’s all about serving the need for learning across the organization when it comes how CHS Inc. – a North American agri-business that provides grain marketing services to farmers – uses a comprehensive management system to guide its efforts.

Charley Kubler, CHS’s Environmental, Health and Safety Systems Manager, says his company uses Intelex software to manage a comprehensive set of training programs, in addition to requirements for U.S. Homeland Security, health, safety and environmental management, food and feed safety, plus rail, barge and fleet transportation.

“All in we have about 55 programs that we operate,” he says. “That’s a lot of processes to keep track of, to stay up with, and to train people on.”

Complicating matters is the widely dispersed nature of the company where Kubler is tasked to support 12,000 retail locations across 16 American states and two Canadian provinces. To do that without an enterprise management software system would create tremendous gaps, he says. Intelex software is critical in managing training and other compliance requirements across the company.

Intelex helps us keep track of all the issues we have in the EHS world,” Kubler says. “Whether it comes to questions about who has received the right training and who still is in need of it, and whether a new employee is going through the proper orientation and training…without Intelex we wouldn’t be able to track all of that.”

Training at CHS can take the form of annual, monthly and even daily training for special projects. Kubler says these are all so different and handled differently at all CHS locations. The major goal with training is to get employees engaged with ideas that are behind operating safely and keeping that at the forefront.

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