Learn from the Experts at Our EHSQ Alliance Conference Sessions

The EHSQ Alliance Conference is fast approaching and our lineup of highly informative and engaging sessions continues to grow. Regardless of whether your focus is on Health & Safety, Environment, Quality or insight into the entire EHSQ industry, we have a number of high-value sessions that will keep you in the know on the latest developments in your practice area.

Register today and join us April 18-20, 2018 in Austin, Texas!

The EHSQ Alliance Conference (formerly the Intelex User Conference) offers EHSQ professionals a wealth of networking opportunities, industry expert keynotes, in-depth breakout sessions and much more!

Here’s a sample of the learning opportunities and hands-on training sessions that await you in Austin. For a full session list and the agenda, visit the EHSQ Alliance Conference website.

Health & Safety:

Ergonomics and IoT – How exoskeletons are changing our understanding of worker health

Active exoskeletons can be used as controls to prevent ergonomic risk, while also providing a wealth of data on movement. This session will explore new research findings on how pain and injury resulting from ergonomic strain can be tracked to objective indicators.

Big Data and the road to predicative and prescriptive EHSQ

What is Big Data analytics and how can it be used to reveal insights? This session will discuss how Big Data can create value for safety programs and initiatives.

The future of safety – How artificial intelligence, wearables and the Internet of Things will change the industry

This session will explore how to use connected devices and data analytics to automate safety programs and better protect extended workforces.


Predicting COQ: The holy grail of quality

We’ll go in-depth on Cost of Quality – the top KPI that quality-based organizations struggle with measuring today.

Impact of next-generation QMS on quality and supplier professionals

A look at how organizations can rapidly respond to changing requirements, new technologies, evolving regulations and customer expectations.


Innovation to meet environmental compliance objectives: Thinking outside the data

Examining how to use environmental management information systems (EMIS) to meet new and unchartered compliance obligations by thinking beyond data.

Intelex and data assurance

This session will explore the importance of data security, privacy and IT infrastructure when selecting a cloud EHSQ system.


How to achieve first and continuous value through implementation

Help your organization create a framework that leads to smoother executive engagement to support continuous success through all project phases.

EHSQ Alliance deep dive and next steps

This session will reveal how to leverage your investment in the EHSQ Alliance to drive a collaborative advantage within your organization.

Hands-On Training Modules

Offered at Beginner, Intermediate and Masterclass levels, as well as training dedicated to the environmental platform (ACTS):

  • System setup user adoption
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Master workflow design
  • And many more!


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