Elevate Toronto Showcases Innovative Ideation

Mark Jaine, CEO of software-as-a-service maker Intelex Technologies, has a whole lot to say about building a highly successful Canadian technology startup that competes globally.

Jaine and other leading Canadian innovators, founders and executives, will be sharing their unique experiences and the lessons they’ve learned while creating some of Canada’s best startup successes at Elevate Toronto – a three-day festival celebrating tech innovation, that begins on Sept. 12.

The Intelex CEO and others will participate in a panel discussion on Sept. 13, talking about the mindset required for entrepreneurial success. They’ll discuss, among other things, the experience of dealing with adversity while continuing to move organizations forward, leadership in a fast-changing world, as well as giving tips and advice for start-ups and fast-growing companies.


Elevate Toronto is technology festival, described by it’s founders as a “passion and joy project.” It’s bringing together the city’s technology leaders for a showcase of Toronto’s thriving technology community and ecosystem. It’s also a chance to trumpet Canada’s largest city internationally as a world class destination for innovation, startups, talent and investment.

More than 5,000 attendees are expected to take part over the next three days. And the timing perhaps could not be better. Elevate Toronto organizers believe it’s Canada’s time to step up and dominate the next wave of technology and they also believe Canadians are flocking to Toronto for the opportunity to work for leading global start-up that are emerged here.

Certainly, those from Toronto recognize the excitement and vibrancy here, while a progressive municipal government, great local talent, and an ever-increasing source of venture capital as highly appealing elements, makes Toronto highly appealing for growing businesses.

Elevate Toronto organizers also note that the Number 1 profession for millennials is that of entrepreneurship, which makes the next three days a great opportunity for them. This week’s event is all about continuing to build an environment to support entrepreneurial and start-up thinking.

Elevate Toronto runs from Sept. 12th to the 14th and will feature 70 venues and 95 community partners.

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