The Conscious EHSQ Conversation: Our First with Vinay Nair, SVP of Marketing

The Conscious EHSQ Conversation

The company announcement has been made, the press release published, and the personal notice made to his social network; now, Vinay Nair shares why he came to Intelex, a leading provider of Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Management (EHSQ) software, and how the mission of the company and its customers aligns with his own personal beliefs.

Vinay, tell us about your introduction to Intelex and the EHSQ industry.

When I was first approached about the Senior Vice President position at Intelex, I was surprised to say I was unaware of the company and knew very little about the EHSQ market. Having been an analyst that had covered the Canadian Enterprise Applications market, I prided myself on knowing the key players in the country. All this time, Intelex had grown into a formidable SaaS company right in the heart of Toronto and I missed it. But once I was introduced to the company and the industry, I knew this was an opportunity I needed to explore further.

What was it about the EHSQ industry that sparked your interest?

As I researched the Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Management solutions space, I recognized it as a very vibrant and niche software market and Intelex was as a clear leader of the space (as recognized by Gartner and other analysts). I read analyst and customer reviews and they all raved about the comprehensiveness of the platform, the usability of the UI, and the robust analytical capabilities. In particular though, I was drawn to the passion of the Intelex community of customers and the passion they have for their jobs and the work they do every day. Even now, as I meet more people within the industry, I realize that everyone has a story that strengthens their ties with the work they are doing and their life’s purpose.

Why was Intelex the company you wanted to work with?

In my last role at Microsoft, after taking over the helm, Satya Nadella spoke to us about the importance of having a deep connection between your work and your personal mission and values. He said this at a time when I was wrestling internally with the societal value I was providing working in technology marketing. Hearing Satya say this was a lightbulb moment for me and it continues to propel my drive everyday.

When I learned the Intelex mission of empowering organizations to protect what’s most important – people, products and the planet – it connected with me on a very personal level and my own ambition to make a difference in my life. In particular, I read the following passage by CEO Mark Jaine in an article in the Financial Post and I agreed immediately – saving the planet and its people is a great mission.

“It’s hard for the average tech enthusiast to relate to what a company like Intelex does. I suppose many people would say that an app that allows you to text selfies to your friends is cooler, but we don’t think so. Just because the purpose of the product might not sound sexy on the surface, I think most people would think that building a product that could ultimately help humanity save the future of our planet is sexier than selfies.”

You’ve talked about the product and the industry influencing your move to Intelex, what can you say about the culture and the Intelexians that live and breathe EHSQ every day?

The renowned Peter Drucker was quoted as saying that “Culture eats Strategy for Lunch”. This quote has always resonated with me and is a core tenant of my belief system. During my time at Microsoft, I saw first hand how a CEO can lead a cultural revolution within an established technology giant. I witnessed the impact it had on employees and saw how this type of leadership lit an inspirational fire within them.

Intelex is known for its culture; a culture that is home grown and purposefully cultivated by CEO, Mark Jaine and the leadership team. Not only is it celebrated internally, but Intelex has been recognized with many awards related to its culture, including Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers (2017), and being named one of the Best Workplaces in Canada for Women (2016). I was incredibly drawn to the idea of contributing to a corporate culture that is continually striving to do better, not only for customers, but for employees as well. Working for Intelex is not only an amazing opportunity, but a privilege for all of us at Intelex.

As a marketer, what can you tell us about the EHSQ space today and what the future looks like for the industry?

The EHSQ market has been a niche within the broader enterprise applications software market, but has been growing steadily over the last few years and is forecasted to be a $1.4B market space. I’ve been studying software markets and societal trends for over two decades now and my intuition tells me to believe that EHSQ is going to grow even faster than analysts predict. This is because companies are looking to more sustainable business strategies.

I believe in the inherent goodness of business leaders today and their desire to do good business. The Conscious Capitalism movement, although still in its relative infancy, is beginning to gain traction as business leaders realize that being sustainable is no longer about being compliant alone. A connection to a higher cause will lead to more profitable and sustainable business performance that is good for mankind. Business as a force for good is something I truly believe in, and now I not only get to work for a company that does this internally but also provides solutions that support this mission for our customers.

About the Subject: Vinay Nair is the Senior Vice President, Marketing at Intelex Technologies. With more than 15 years of experience in the software industry, Vinay has helped organizations ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations strengthen their sales, marketing and corporate strategies. As the Director of Marketing and Operations for Microsoft® Canada’s Dynamics division, he created a scalable approach to expand messaging across multiple channels and built a go-to market framework focused on customers needs enabling customer success and drove triple digit growth in the Dynamics Cloud business in Canada. Vinay is passionate about speaking to EHSQ leaders who are looking to align their personal values with the mission of their business.

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