Schreiber Foods Recognized for Quality Excellence!


Schreiber Foods Incorporated is a dairy company which produces, and distributes natural cheese, processed cheese, cream cheese, yogurt. Founded in 1945, the company is employee-owned, and headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Quality Excellence is awarded to a customer who has become a leader in quality management through the use of their Intelex System.

Schreiber Foods Incorporated uses Intelex corporate-wide to manage their audits, as well as their nonconformances. This ensures that they are always prepared for their audits, and that there is regular and thorough attention to their practices and processes. With the ability to share their nonconformances across their entire organization, Schreiber Foods is able to identify, contain, and notify all other sites when nonconformances occur. The result is a consistently high degree of quality in their products and processes.

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