DHL Supply Chain acknowledged for Excellence in User Adoption!


DHL Supply Chain is a division of Deutsche Post DHL and an affiliate of DHL Express.

As the leading global brand in the logistics industry, DHL Supply Chain provides contract logistics solutions along the entire supply chain for customers from a wide variety of sectors.

DHL Supply Chain is the largest contract logistics company in the world, operating in over 60 countries.

The User Adoption Award acknowledges a customer who has shown extraordinary levels of effectiveness in securing user adoption.

DHL Supply Chain uses Intelex at locations in over 60 countries and across 23 different languages. In 2016, DHL Supply Chain completed the implementation of three additional solutions to further expand their use of their Intelex integrated system, including Incident Management, Corrective and Preventative Actions, and Behavior Based Safety Solutions (BBS).

To ensure the highest level of user adoption across their vast workforce, DHL Supply Chain structured their Intelex system and program to focus on 7 primary considerations:

  1. Familiarity which the organization ensures through a consistent user experience regardless of the module or workflow, as well as local language functionality when required.
  2. Relevance to the end user, which DHL Supply Chain ensure by aligning solutions to regulatory requirements at the country-level.
  3. Consistency, which is addressed with a single data entry point for use throughout all modules.
  4. Efficiency through the ability the manage processes, such as an incident report, end-to-end within the same system.
  5. In-System Training through the use of Intelex Navigator’s structured walkthroughs to help educate users and reduce the organization’s learning curve.
  6. End-User Value realized through reporting, dashboard and data extracting capabilities available to all users.
  7. Swift resolutions to questions or issues, through a single internal point of contact.

All sites across DHL Supply Chain worldwide have shown strong adoption of all three solutions. Since the commencement of this implementation, the organization has seen a substantial increase in the number of users in the Intelex system, growing their user base by over 75% within the past year. Not only has DHL Supply Chain increased their user base, but also their utilization rates, which continue to trend upward. Over the past year, user activity by workflow has increased to over 125%.

The team at DHL Supply Chain attributes this increase to the all-round consistent and user-friendly experience offered across the Intelex platform and solution set.

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