IPT Global wins The Community Partner Award!


IPT Global provides the standard in pressure testing assurance. Their mission is to provide comprehensive assurance solutions and services for all aspects of pressure analysis and leak detection within the oil and gas industry.

The Community Partner Award recognizes a customer who has shown an exceptional contribution to the growth of fellow Intelex customers. To win this award, the organization must demonstrate the initiatives they have taken to enhance the Intelex-Exchange Community.

Since the implementation of Intelex, IPT system administrator(s) have contributed ~200 posts on the Intelex Community page in the form of questions, answers and ideas. System Administrator, Kellie Cardenas, started a community group for Houston Area System Administrators & Heavy Users. This group was designed to serve as a platform for Houston area users to communicate and share their experience with Intelex. The long term goal was to create a solid online/offline group of users to conduct local, in-person, pre-scheduled multi-user mini-sessions in the Houston area where feedback, ideas, tips/tricks can be shared.

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