Intelex Employee Appreciation Day 2017

Employee Appreciation Day - Pic 1

Employee appreciation day is an opportunity for individuals to be recognized for their hard work and contribution to their company. It is an opportunity to celebrate the organization’s successes, and the effort that it has taken us to get here.

At Intelex, the praise just doesn’t come from Leadership Lexi Grams are a staple of Employee Appreciation day.  When the cards go out, the office seems to carry a fresh energy. This year, Lexi Grams seemed to be on everyone’s mind. These cards are an opportunity for Cross-Functional peer to peer recognition throughout the organization. Thanking a colleague for going the extra mile, being a great sounding board, demonstrating leadership and innovation. It is easy to say ‘good job’ or ‘thank you’ and be done with it, but there is something special to coming into a desk with hand written notes of appreciation.

There are many organizations utilizing recognition software out there for this, but I personally feel like there is something truly special about a hand written note that seems to transmit the sentiment. Intelex’s culture is built around our Values. Embracing Goodwill, Ideas Win, Accountability for Success, Proactive Leadership and Work to Live. Lexi Grams are an opportunity for us to recognize each other as we continue to grow and build our culture.

One of the many things that makes Intelex an amazing place to grow your career is the people. This year over 5000 Lexi Grams were delivered, and for the first time Cross Border Lexi Grams were delivered to our Denver Office. It is rumoured that one ambitious Intelexian was so full of appreciation they needed to send 86 thoughtful and individualized messages throughout the organization.

It is amazing to see, even a week later Lexi Grams proudly displayed on desks, and work stations. I have even noticed Lexi Grams from years past in places of prominence.

Intelex doesn’t stop there – we go all out to celebrate by hosting a giant lunch that leaves us loosening belts and predetermining our fashion choices with comfort in mind. Throughout the event there are opportunities to spend time with Intelexians we don’t see as often as our organization has grown. It is these types of events and activities that help maintain the collaboration and thoughtfulness culture that is continuing to flourish at Intelex. Each year the bar continues to be raised, and I am already looking forward to next year’s Employee Appreciation Day.


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