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Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality Professional CommunityWe invite you to join our Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality professional discussions. This week, join our member Ron Gantt as he shares the blind spots of Behavioral Observation Programs. We invite you to join the discussion and share your knowledge with our members.

  • The Blind Spots of Behavioral Observation Programs

  • A Systems Approach to Risk Management Through Leading Safety Indicators

  • Elements of an Effective Safety Management System

  • How to use Storytelling and Lessons-Learned for Improving Safety Performance

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Environmental, Health and Safety and Quality Professional Community



6 thoughts on “EHSQ Community | Behavioral Safety

  1. Great article by Ron Gantt on Behavior Based Safety. Although there are currently numerous attempts to rebrand and “evolve” BBS, just doing the wrong thing better is not the answer. It’s past time to move on from the idea that we can obtain sustainable safety improvement by treating a subset (those easily observed and often repeated) of behaviors in isolation from their context.

      • Hello Tamara,

        Id’d be happy to participate in a discussion such as you suggest. I have a lengthy article that addresses the tendency of many safety efforts to focus on symptoms (e.g., behavior) often at the expense of more fundamental system and organizational culture issues scheduled for publication in October’s Professional Safety. Starting next Thursday, however, I’ll be in the Grand Canyon and out of any form of electronic communication for 17 days. Let’s discuss further after I return on October 23.

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