Intelex Gives Back – May 2016 Update

The Intelex Gives Back Committee is focused on giving back to society in meaningful and impactful ways. The month of May saw the launch of a partnership with Canadian Blood Services as well as a five day campaign to raise funds for Fort McMurray.

Due to our world-class medical facilities, Toronto has a greater demand for blood than anywhere in Canada, but only 3% of the Canadian population donates on a regular basis. Intelex has formed a partnership with Canadian Blood Services (CBS) to ensure Intelexians are given time every quarter to head down the street and donate. With our first event being held last week, CBS received 50 pints which allowed them to exceed their daily quota of 44 pints per day. CBS has expressed their gratitude toward this initiative and we are looking forward to this partnership moving forward. Learn more about the people Intelexians are helping here.

Devastating wildfires continue to rage in the Fort McMurray region of northern Alberta, consuming over 10,000 hectares and forcing close to 90,000 people from their homes. Over 1,100 firefighters are battling the blaze, which, despite their best efforts, is spreading. Intelex ran a five day campaign to raise funds in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross. We were able to raise $1,475.00 which has been matched by the Canadian Government and is currently on its way to our friends in need.

For more information on these initiatives and/or how to get involved in future events, please reach out to Mike Heslin at the Intelex Gives Back Club.

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