How to Save $1.2 Million in Workers Compensation Dollars

Blog Image_PaceIndustries_450Pace Industries is North America’s largest full-service aluminum, zinc, and magnesium die casting company. Founded in 1970, Pace operates 12 divisions with 21 facilities and over 4,200 associates across the U.S. and Mexico. Today, their safety performance is a source of pride and a competitive advantage within their industry. But Pace Industries has learned a lot along the way.

Pace Industries focuses on building a strong safety culture in a number of ways, from committing to personal safety pledges to investing in safety by providing appropriate resources, training and education. “We challenged our leadership team to give our EHS personnel more responsibility,” says Kenny Sandlin, Vice President of Health & Safety at Pace Industries. “To give them authority, to empower them, but also to give them resources. Intelex was one of those resources.”

Barriers to Safety Excellence

Not too long ago, the majority of Pace Industries’ safety data was still being recorded and tracked on paper or in Excel. The manual nature of their approach presented many challenges that were standing in the way of further improvement. These included a lack of consistency, inaccessible data, duplication of effort, reactive processes and a lack of traceability

It was challenges like these that led Sandlin to Intelex, when he was tasked with finding a software system that would help them take the next step in their safety journey.”The beauty of the system and what I love about it is the fact that it’s a single unified platform,” Sandlin explains. “Storing all safety data in one place increases the ease of reporting while ensuring visibility at the corporate level.”

Safety Management with Intelex

Blog Image - 450Since implementation, Intelex safety management software has allowed Pace Industries to standardize and simplify their safety processes. They’re able to trust their safety data now and they are able to take advantage of that data to a degree previously unimaginable.

“We were able to use the data collected from Intelex to see the areas that we needed to focus on prior to an incident happening,” explains Sandlin. “Intelex allows us to move from lagging indicators to leading transformational indicators more rapidly.”

The numbers tell a story all on their own. Pace Industries’ Incident Severity Rate saw an 85% reduction within the first two years of implementing Intelex, while Workers’ Compensation Dollars were reduced by $1.2 million from 2012 to 2015.

Download the full case study here for more insights from Pace Industries’ Vice President of Health & Safety Kenny Sandlin, including:

  • His best practices for instituting a company-wide safety culture
  • The reports he relies on to evaluate safety performance
  • The safety accomplishments he’s achieved since implementing Intelex safety management software

At Pace Industries, working safely is now a condition of employment as well as a way of life. “Safety is unconditional,” stresses Sandlin. “If you’re going to work at Pace, we want you to work safely.”

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