Meet an Intelex Client: Athena Trastelis, CBC

Athena works in the Environment department at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC/ Radio-Canada), a Canadian crown corporation. CBC is Canada’s national public broadcasting institution with headquarters in Ottawa. CBC employs approximately 10,000 employees and offers diverse perspectives in English, French and eight Aboriginal languages. Athena’s role at CBC is to ensure Environmental compliance and best practices.

In this video, Athena discusses what made Intelex the number one choice for managing environmental compliance and best practices at CBC.

Prior to implementing Intelex, CBC mostly used a paper based system, which made capturing metrics and data difficult and a timely process with room for error. When they began their search for an electronic based solution it was important for that solution to be able to manage Environmental incidents and compliance, ensure best practices across the organization, be easily translated from English to French and be cost effective.

After viewing other solutions, Intelex met all the requirements CBC was seeking and was a great cost effective solution that could be implemented across their organization as well as easily translated from English to French to accommodate all users.

Athena continues to take advantage of the learning tools Intelex provides such as Intelex Exchange, a vibrant learning community of Intelex users and educational webinars. “I find it easy to use,” she says. Athena has also been able to easily build reports and dashboards within the solution to help her better manage and analyze her data.

Employees at CBC are happy with the solution as well. “The feedback that I have gotten from staff is that it is effective and it’s efficient and they really do like the reporting aspect within the application. So it’s working very well so far” says Athena.

Athena looks forward to continuing her exploration and getting the most out of the solution. “There is more work for me to do within the system” says Athena with enthusiasm.

Watch the video above to learn more about Athena’s success with Intelex! To find out about the software solutions mentioned in this video, including Environmental Management, visit our website.

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