Meet an Intelex Client: Brandy Leon, Boart Longyear

Brandy works at Boart Longyear, a global drilling services company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah that employs thousands of people in over 35 countries. With a proud company history that dates back more than one hundred years, Boart Longyear has evolved with the times to remain one of the leading companies in their space. In this video, Brandy talks about Boart Longyear’s experience with the Intelex system, and how Intelex’s ease of use makes it different from the other systems she’s used in the past.

“I’ve worked in other systems before and some of them are cumbersome, they take time, the learning curve is insane,” says Brandy. She found Intelex to be intuitive and easy to pick up. Software implementation can be a tricky business, and user adoption is never guaranteed. But choosing a user-friendly system can go a long way towards ensuring that your companies’ employees are comfortable with the new software. It also means that they are more likely to use the software in the way that you intend them to, ensuring that you get the most out of your EHS system.

User-friendly is exactly how Brandy describes Intelex’s EHS software. “I know if I can do it, my field people can do it, my EHS people can do it,” she explains. “I’m not worried about them having to use the system.” This allows Brandy to rely on the data that she’s receiving from her field users.

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