Meet an Intelex Client: Coral Barrett, Boart Longyear

Coral works in EHS Data & Support at Boart Longyear, a mineral exploration company that provides drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, this year Boart Longyear celebrates its 125 anniversary as a leader in the global mining and drilling industry. In this video, Coral discusses what made Intelex stand out from the competition when her company was looking for a new EHS system.

Prior to implementing Intelex, Boart Longyear had a system that was outdated and difficult to use. They felt that the system just couldn’t keep up with what they needed from it, and so they began to look for a more advanced solution that would simplify the user experience while also allowing them to more easily report information to their VPs and executive committee. Coral also wanted to make sure that this would be a system she could administer by herself with minimal assistance.

After demoing six different software solutions, Boart Longyear decided to go with Intelex. “The Intelex system just really seemed easy, not only for me as the administrator but for my field users and my executives,” says Coral.

Intelex’s tailored solution was able to accommodate the different needs and user levels across all departments, presenting EHS data in dashboards for executives for easy decision-making while simplifying data entry for field users with dropdown menus and checkboxes.

“We use it daily in the EHS department, we are constantly in there,” says Coral. Boart Longyear uses Intelex to manage many different aspects of their environmental, health and safety program, including audits and incidents. Boart Longyear uses Intelex to manage all their environmental data, which as a publicly traded company is something that Boart Longyear has committed to its board.

Coral calls Intelex “the best tool she’s used so far” saying that “out of all of our EHS software systems, it is my favorite.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Coral’s success with Intelex! To find out about the software solutions mentioned in this video, including Audits Management and Environmental Management, visit our website.

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