Intelex Raises $32,190 for the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Fund

In response to the earthquakes that devastated Nepal in April, Intelex teamed up with the Canadian Red Cross to set up an internal fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $10,000.

Tallying up the final numbers of our fundraising campaign for the Nepal Earthquake relief efforts, we’re proud to announce that the campaign was a huge success. Through the generosity of our employees, not only did we reach our set goal, but in true Intelex fashion, we managed to surpass it and raise a total of $10,730! As icing on the cake, Intelex, along with the Canadian government also made a pledge to match all of employee contributions, which brings the total amount raised to $32,190!

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The funds raised will go a long way in helping with the logistical challenges faced by those trying to get aid through to some of the most-affected areas of Nepal. Aid is now required across more than 60 villages, camps and towns across 17 districts where an estimated 8 million people have been affected.

The Red Cross will use the donations to distribute relief and emergency supplies to affected communities, provide medical supplies and support to local medical facilities, in addition to supporting local authorities in assessing and responding to the needs of affected communities.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to the cause, this would never have been possible without your support. The situation in Nepal continues to be very challenging and we will continue to support the cause.

For more information on the Canadian Red Cross and to donate to the relief efforts, please visit their website.

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