Webinar – Essential Strategies for Supplier Management: Optimizing Performance, Governance & Compliance

These days, supply chains are complex, regulations are strict and the consequences of supplier noncompliance can be far-reaching. What this means is that your relationship with your suppliers and your ability to manage and act on supplier data has become increasingly important. Especially since effective supplier management is at the root of your ability to deliver a quality product or service.

In this free webinar, Eric Morris covers the top strategies that companies can use to optimize their supplier management program, avoid the negative impacts of supplier noncompliance, and improve supplier performance and quality across the supply chain.

Key topics covered include:

  • The essentials of supplier data management: performance, governance and compliance
  • Methods for tracking supplier requirements and certifications
  • How to assess and bench-mark supplier performance and implement streamlined audit plans
  • Considerations for evaluating the quality of shipments and deliverables
  • Best practices in ensuring supplier compliance and performance

Watch a preview below or click here to watch the full webinar.

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