Happy International Women’s Day!

According to the United Nations, “International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities”.

Looking specifically into the technology industry, “Women in Tech” has been a popular topic of conversation in recent media. Here is an example of some of the themes that have been taking over the headlines:

  • What’s it like for Canadian women working in tech? (Globe and Mail)
  • Women in technology: A brightening outlook? (Forbes)
  • How women can break into tech (Fortune)
  • Why we need more women in technology (Forbes)

It is in this spirit that I (and Intelex) want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate all the women who are working in the tech industry. We are extremely proud of the successful, inspiring and bright women that we are fortunate to work with on a daily basis – especially those here at Intelex.

In thinking about International Women’s Day and the ladies I work with, I decided to ask them about what inspired them to get involved in the tech sector and see how their thoughts fit into the larger conversation.
Here is what they had to say:

Kristen Yang
Technical Analyst

“I got into tech during my co-op term in high school at Samtack. This is when I was first exposed to building computers, which I grew to enjoy. From there, I paved my way into the IT world through work experiences in help desk support. I really enjoy what I do and can’t imagine being anywhere else!”


Charlotte Bates
Project Manager
Global Services & Support

“From when my dad got me my very first Windows 3.1 machine, I have always had a love for technology. From computers, to networks, to databases, I can’t resist trying to figure out how things work (or how to fix them!). It feels only natural that I ended up in this industry. I love being in technology, it’s a challenge but also very rewarding when a solution comes together.”


Susan Tommy
Product Sales Consultant
Sales & Alliances

“It’s important for me to feel the work I do is helping to improve organizations, particularly within the healthcare industry. Technology enables streamlined business processes, which lead to greater efficiencies and better outcomes. For me, the technology solutions I help develop offer a quick way to make a huge impact on the Health Care System – which I am really passionate about.”


Galina Dzhasova

“As a programmer, the most rewarding part is to be able to create what I want with a blank screen. Whatever I can create can be used to solve many people’s problems. Critically thinking and analyzing problems to come up with a valuable solution at the cost of a blank screen and typing is just so cool. I also really enjoy working with a team of very smart people and learning from them. The tech field has given me this great opportunity!”


Nadeesha Masachchi
Quality Assurance Manager

“I got my first computer in 1995 and from that day forward, I was so fond of computers. The first game I played was “Chess Master” and it inspired my IT career because it was written using the human brain. While I was in school I got to choose between QA and development – I chose QA because I felt I was better suited toward QA. I can say with complete confidence that I’m happy with my decision. Why am I still in tech? I love keeping up to date with the latest technologies. Also I get a lot of satisfaction when I see the product is used to help someone else.”

So please take a moment to recognize and celebrate all of the strong, brave, inspirational and important women in your lives today!


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